Grossfurtner: meat production on modern type

Quality starts here – not in the marketing-manager office

Quality in its purest form

The very best cuts for everyone

Production at the state of the art for highest demand

Because my name is the brand

Pinpoint instead of only ‘just in time’

Investment in our environment generating a high return!

People who think that economy and ecology are contradictory have never tried to link them. In fact, one can combine them in a way that both the environment and the economic success benefit from each other. Grossfurtner has been showing for years how such a system works.

Excellent energy-saving solutions!

  • At our production site in St. Martin we have run a biogas plant since 2003 in which we produce a third of the needed electricity and 75% of our heat from our slaughterhouse waste. Grossfurtner was awarded the Energy Glow Award for this innovative project in the energy sector.
  • In 2010 Grossfurtner was awarded the Prize for Waste Management „Phönix“ by the Austrian Ministry of Life and the Austrian Water and Waste Management Association. The Phönix awards outstanding projects which contribute in an innovative way to the prevention of waste and a sustainable management of resources.
  • In St. Martin as well as in Utzenaich we use the waste heat from our energy intensive cooling systems via a buffer store for our heat supply.
  • The cascading heat utilization at the site Utzenaich was in 2015 awarded the Austrian State Award for Environmental and Energy Technology.
  • Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001
  • Moreover Grossfurtner offers its regional farmers valuable liquid manure. Liquid manure reduces the application of energy-intensive chemical fertilisers.