Partnerships that last forever!

As a slaughtering and cutting business, Grossfurtner is an integral part of a long value chain which begins with our suppliers. Farmers, cattle dealers and producer co-operatives appreciate the cooperative collaboration with our company which is based on the following qualities:

  • Distinctive word-is-bond quality
  • Absolute reliability
  • Long-term business relations
  • Fair pricing
  • Slaughtering service after an accident

Agreed in advance
Our uncompromising reliability results from the awareness that success in our industry can only be achieved together. On the other hand the people from the Innviertel are characterised by their mentality of sorting things out. Therefore we believe in agreements, once agreed is binding for all business partners.

Johann Eder, Farmer from Utzenaich:

„Grossfurtner has been for long years an extremely reliable partner. It does not only give the feeling of security to us, but enables us to make long-term investments at our farm.“

Karl Zehetner, Farmer from Utzenaich:

„What I particularly like about Grossfurtner is the outstandingly high payment moral. What has been agreed on in advance is binding. It’s not possible to expect that from all companies.“

Our purchase team is looking forward to you.