Grossfurtner: meat production on modern type

Quality starts here – not in the marketing-manager office

Quality in its purest form

The very best cuts for everyone

Production at the state of the art for highest demand

Because my name is the brand

Pinpoint instead of only ‘just in time’

A Company Makes History

Who wants to make history should not only rely on time. Furthermore one has to keep up with the times: Thus using time ideally. And that’s what we have been doing since 1972 when Mr Rudolf Großfurtner created from a farm and a tavern a slaughtering and cutting business.

More than 40 years of history are the proof that quality and reliability are sustainably marketable. They build a mutual trust one can rely on with a clear conscience even before the beginning of cooperation.

Some cornerstones in the course of time:

1982 EU accreditation.
1987 Awarding of the Austrian National Coat of Arms.
1995 Handover of the business to Rudolf Großfurtner junior and development of the company to one of the most powerful slaughtering and cutting businesses in Austria and Lower Bavaria.
1997 Extension of the refrigeration house / facilities.
1998 Lukullus Award.
2003 Construction of a biogas plant and of the MAP-packaging site.
2004 IFS-certification and extension of the pork cutting.
2008 Extension of the pork cutting plant.
2012 Refurbishment of the beef stunning site.
2014 Modernisation at the beef slaughter and cutting site.
2015 Winner of the State Award 2015 for Environmental and Energy Technology; Certification of the Environmental Management System according ISO 14001.
2016 Expansion of production for self-service products.
2017 Renewal of the pig stunning and expansion of the self-service product range.
2018 Extension & renovation of deep-freeze warehouse and extension of cold storage rooms