Grossfurtner: meat production on modern type

Quality starts here – not in the marketing-manager office

Quality in its purest form

The very best cuts for everyone

Production at the state of the art for highest demand

Because my name is the brand

Pinpoint instead of only ‘just in time’

Grossfurtner in Numbers and Facts

Of course, Grossfurtner is far more than the sum of its numbers and facts. Nevertheless, they give you in brief a first impression of the capacity and high-performance of our business.

10.000 pigs per week 
1.100 cattle per week

EUR 215 million per year

Commercialisation of:
About 7,500 tons per month

About 50%
Distributed to 25 countries in the world like for example: Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Swizerland, former Yugoslavian countries, Japan, Korea, etc.

500 employees
30 veterinarian
Area of premises:

65 000 m²

Food retailer
Meat industry