Grossfurtner: meat production on modern type

Quality starts here – not in the marketing-manager office

Quality in its purest form

The very best cuts for everyone

Production at the state of the art for highest demand

Because my name is the brand

Pinpoint instead of only ‘just in time’

Erfolg mit Werten und Zielen

Company founder Rudolf Großfurtner started over 40 years ago with the aim of striving for high customer satisfaction as the most important goal for the company.

Today, this guiding principle continues to apply and shapes our thinking and actions in our broad commitment to the daily supply of high-quality food.

We place the interests of our customers at the centre of all our considerations.

In close and responsible cooperation, long-term partnerships, have been developed, characterised by joint efforts to achieve something new again and again.

In our mission statement, corporate principles and environmental policy, we formulate our values and objectives which we consider essential for long-term action.