Grossfurtner: meat production on modern type

Quality starts here – not in the marketing-manager office

Quality in its purest form

The very best cuts for everyone

Production at the state of the art for highest demand

Because my name is the brand

Pinpoint instead of only ‘just in time’

Together we are strong!

Butchers compete with the big suppliers in the food trade. Our partnerships with innovative butchers show that this competition can be won through quality, local affiliation, creativity and individual products. Grossfurtner supports you at its best with everything that is important for your success.

  • wide range of goods
  • from processed to fresh meat
  • local meat
  • customer-oriented cutting
  • absolute word-is-bond quality

… and precisely adapted products for your recipes, which we deliver in the desired quantity. This way you avoid wastage, save unnecessary costs and enjoy the same service like big processors of meat.

Our sales team is looking forward to hearing from you.